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Relive the same sensations that the first French balloonists experienced in 1783, with all the magic, emotions and adventure of today's modern balloons - a safe aviation adventure for all passengers young & young of heart. Enjoy the magical sensations and adventure of hot air ballooning. Experience the thrill of rising gently above the earth's mist, drifting gracefully, effortlessly and silently through the air. The emotions, the views, the freedom and the entire experience will never be forgotten. Picture yourself, floating majestically and effortlessly over the picturesque South-East Queensland countryside, admiring the breathtaking view as it gently unfolds before your eyes.  Your balloon flight is tranquil and as the world slowly awakens you float peacefully overhead from our balloon basket. Floating Images offers morning balloon flights all year providing you with a unique opportunity to explore this vast and beautiful region from the air, as the sunrises and shed light on a brand new day.